Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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  • Genre: Miscellany (x)
  • Creator: Anonymous [Edward Carroll] (x)
  • Places of printing: Charleston, SC (x)
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      The Cosmopolitan:  An Occasional

      The Cosmopolitan: An Occasional

      Miscellany | Wm. Estill | 1833
                      Simms was the primary, anonymous contributor to the Cosmopolitan: An Occasional, and the two numbers of this short-lived publication reveal the state of his talents at the end of his apprenticeship period.  Issued in May and July 1833 by Wm. Estill of Charleston, the two issues of the Cosmopolitan are among the works leading to what John C. Guilds calls Simms’s “flurry of literary efforts that produced four major works of fiction within the next two years.”.[1] As such, Guilds suggests that the Cosmopolitan be considered not so much for the quality of Simms’s inconsistent ...