Wlliam Gilmore Simms


In the mid-19th-century, William Gilmore Simms did more than any other writer and editor to frame white southern self-identity, nationalism, and historical consciousness. He also did more to foster the South’s literary life and place in America’s imagination.

With the Simms Initiatives, generously funded by the Watson-Brown Foundation and the University of South Carolina Libraries, one has growing access to this prolific author’s work. That comes through both digital and Print on Demand editions. The Initiatives also are compiling as complete a bibliography of Simms’s writings as possible.

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The Simms Review (Vol 16: No 2) The Simms Review (Vol 16: No 1) The Simms Review (Vol 15: No 2)
The Simms Review (Vol 16: No 2) The Simms Review (Vol 16: No 1) The Simms Review (Vol 15: No 2)

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