Wlliam Gilmore Simms

About the Initiatives

The Simms Initiatives began in 2010, with major support of the Watson-Brown Foundation and the University of South Carolina Libraries. Our goal is to produce a comprehensive bibliographic database and a complete digital edition of the significant editions of the separate writings, together with many of the serial publications, of the mid-19th-century South's leading literary figure, William Gilmore Simms. The growth in Simms studies over the past generation makes such access vital. Recent, selected, print editions have only wetted the appetite, not met the needs of teachers and students. That is why, too, the University of South Carolina Press is joining the Initiatives to issue 70 volumes of Simms's works in paperback editions by the end of 2013.

The Initiatives invite the community's help. Every entry in the database has a place to record comments and exchange thoughts about the work in question. Also, users may nominate additional information, whether about further printings or issues or about separate copies of the work. Overseas contributors may also nominate editions of Simms in translation for inclusion.

The result will be a dramatically richer engagement in and understanding of the issues, places, times, and people with whom Simms interacted in person, through his editorial work, or in his voluminous writings.

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