Wlliam Gilmore Simms

Print on Demand

In collaboration with the Simms Initiatives and utilizing the same electronic resources as the Digital Simms Edition, University of South Carolina Press is to release all the major works by William Gilmore Simms in affordable Print-on-Demand editions. Perfect for use in the classroom or for casual readers, each volume will feature the last version of the work that Simms himself prepared for press. In addition, each will contain a biography of the author, a general bibliography of Simms studies, a select bibliography of sources related to the text at hand, and an introduction to the work by a scholar in the field.

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Listed below are the books to be included in the Print-on-Demand edition, with their current availability/status:

The Letters of William Gilmore Simms, Vol. 1 (1952) — Now Available
The Letters of William Gilmore Simms, Vol. 2 (1953) — Now Available
The Letters of William Gilmore Simms, Vol. 3 (1954) — Now Available
The Letters of William Gilmore Simms, Vol. 4 (1955) — Now Available
The Letters of William Gilmore Simms, Vol. 5 (1956) — Now Available
The Letters of William Gilmore Simms, Vol. 6 (1982/2012) — Now Available
Woodcraft (1854) — Now Available
Vasconselos (1853) — Now Available
The Yemassee (1854) — Now Available
The Wigwam and the Cabin (1859) — Now Available
Poems: Descriptive, Dramatic, Legendary, and Contemplative (1853) — Now Available
Simms's Poems: Areytos; or, Songs and Ballads of the South with Other Poems (1860) — Now Available
Castle Dismal (1844) — Now Available
Views and Reviews in American Literature, History and Fiction (1845) — Now Available
The Life of Chevalier Bayard (1847) — Now Available
Confession (1841) — In Production
The Scout (1854) — In Production
The Forayers (1855) — In Production
Eutaw (1856) — In Production
Mellichampe (1857) — In Production
Katharine Walton (1859) — In Production
The Partisan (1859) — In Production
Joscelyn (1975) — In Production
Charlemont (1856) — In Production
Beauchampe (1856) — In Production
Richard Hurdis (1855) — In Production
The History of South Carolina (1860) — In Production
The Geography of South Carolina (1860) — In Production
The Charleston Book (1845/1983) — In Production
Voltmeier (1969) — In Production
As Good as a Comedy and Paddy McGann (1852/1972) — In Production
Stories and Tales (1975) — In Production
Count Julian (1845) — In Production
The Remains of Maynard Davis Richardson (1833) — In Production
The Army Correspondence of Colonel John Laurens (1867) — In Production
A Supplement to the Plays of William Shakespeare (1848) — In Production
War Poetry of the South (1866) — In Production
Social & Political Prose: Slavery in America/Father Abbot (1838 & 1849) — In Production
Historical & Political Poems (1825-1848) — In Production
The Damsel of Darien (1839) — In Production
Pelayo (1838) — In Production
Southward Ho! (1854) — In Production
Border Beagles (1859)
Selections from the Letters and Speeches of James H. Hammond (1866/1978)
Guy Rivers (1860)
The Cassique of Kiawah (1859)
The Life of Captain John Smith (1846)
South Carolina in the Revolutionary War (1853)
Sack and Destruction of the City of Columbia (1865)
Martin Faber and Other Stories (1837)
Carl Werner (1838)
The Golden Christmas (1852)
Helen Halsey (1845)
The Lily and the Totem (1850)
The Life of Francis Marion (1844)
Dramas: Michael Bonham, Norman Maurice, & Benedict Arnold (1851-1863)
Marie de Berniere (1853)