Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 8 SOUTHWARD HO !
Hear me prophesy ! Fifteen years will not pass before the mountain ranges of the Carolinas and Georgia will be the fashionable midsummer resort of all people of taste north of the Hudson. They will go thither in search of health, coolness, pure air, and the picturesque."
You say it very solemnly, yet I should more readily believe in a thousand other revolutions. At all events, if you will go south in July, see that the captain of your steamer takes an ice-berg in tow as soon as she gets out to sea. There are several said to be rolling lazily about off Sandy Hook. Write me if you survive ; and deal in as much pleasant fiction as you can. I shall look for nothing else. Now that postage is nothing, I am ambitious of a large correspondence."
You shall hear from me.""And, by the way, you may do some good in your scribblings, by enlightening others. In truth, your country is very much a terra incognita. Let us have a description of manners and customs, scenery and people. A touch of statistics, here and there, will possibly open the way to our capital and enter-prise ; and, to one so fond of such things as myself, an occasional legend or tradition�the glimpse of an obscure history of the Revolution�or of the time beyond it will greatly increase the value of your correspondence."
A good hint ! I may inspire that faith in others which you withhold�very unwisely, I must say. Your world does, in truth, need some honest information touching ours, by which to keep it from such sad mistakes as augur much mischief for the future.""Oh! no politics now, I beg! Leave them to the cats and monkeys�the dogs and demagogues.""Don't fear ! My epistles shall be penned in accordance with my moods and humors according to passing facts and fancies�and I shall only occasionally take you�over the ditch and gutter ! This assurance should keep you in good humor."
Write of what you see, of course.""And of what I feel.""And of what you think.""And of what I hear.""And of what you know."