Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription "ALL ABOARD." 9
"And of what I believe.""And�""What more ! One would think these requisitions quite suffi-
cient. I shall try to comply with them�at my leisure."
Don't forget to give us a story now and then �a legend
fact or fabrication � I don't care which. You may wind up a
chapter with a song, and a description with a story."
You are indulgent ! Well, I will do what I can for you. I
shall report my daily experiences, and something more. My
memory shall have full play, and the events of former prog-
resses shall be made to illustrate the present. I shall exercise
perfect freedom in what I write � a liberty I hope always to
enjoy�and shall soothe the idle vein, by affording every privi-
lege to Fancy. Without some such privilege, your traveller's
narrative is apt to become a very monotonous one ; and. he who
drily reports only what he sees, without enlivening his details
by what he feels, or fancies, or remembers, will be very apt,
however much he may desire to correspond, to find few friends
willing to pay postage on his letters, even at present prices."
Good ! You have the right notion of the thing. Well !
You go at three ? I shall see you off. Adios !"
Sure enough, at the designated hour, my friend waited my
arrival on the quarter-deck of the good steamer Marion, Berry
master. Our hands grasped.
" I am here," said he.
I am grateful !"
Stay ! Hear me out ! Your words have prevailed. I am
anxious to believe your fiction. I am tired of Newport and
Saratoga�long for novelty have insured my life for ten
thousand�and now, ho ! for the South ! I go with you as I
am a living man !"
And we sang together the old chant of the Venetian, done
into English �
"As the waves flow, as the winds blow,
Spread free the sunny sail, let us go, brothers, go! Southward ho! Southward ho !"