Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 18 SOUTHWARD HO
shore, that, for the charm of a pleasing landscape, a quiet home,
a dear retreat for peace and contemplation, no region presents
higher attractions than we find along the shores which lead from
Sandy Hook to the city of Manhatta, and spread away from
that up the valley of the Hudson, till we pass beyond the Cats-
kill ranges.
You are like all the rest of the outsiders," said my compan-
ion, querulously. It takes a New York eye to see and appre-
ciate the sublimity of the Hudson."
Precisely. That is just what I say. It is the New York
eye only which makes this discovery. But we are off. There
goes the gun !´┐Żand farewell, for the present, to our goodly
Gotham. All ! there is Hoboken ! How changed for the worse,
as a picture, from what is was when I first knew it. Twenty
years ago, when I first visited New York, Hoboken was as
favorite a resort with me, of an afternoon, as it was to thousands
of your citizens. Its beautifully sloping lawns were green and
shady. Now ! oh ! the sins of brick and mortar ! There, I first
knew Bryant and Sands, and wandered with them along the
shores, at sunset, or strolled away, up the heights of Weehaw-
ken, declaiming the graceful verses of Halleck upon the scene.
All is altered now ! Vale !"