Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 50 SOUTHWARD HO
" All ! I remember ! A most glorious achievement, and worthy to be written in letters of gold. It was at Mompox, where they rose upon the garrison of Morillo. Girl, you are worthy to have been the chief of those women of Magdalena. You will be chief yet of the women of Bogota. I take your assurance with regard to them ; but, for the men, it were better that thou peril nothing even in thy speech."
The last sarcasm of the Liberator might have been spared. That which his eloquence had failed to effect was suddenly accomplished by this child of beauty. Her inspiration and presence were electrical. The old forgot their caution and their years. The young, who needed but a leader, had suddenly found a genius. There was now no lack of the necessary enthusiasm. There were no more scruples. Hesitation yielded to resolve. The required pledges were given--given more abundantly than required ; and, raising the slight form of the damsel to his own height, Bolivar again pressed his lips upon her forehead, gazing at her with a respectful delight, while he bestowed upon her the name of the Guardian Angel of Bogota. With a heart bounding and beating with the most enthusiastic emotions too full for further utterance´┐ŻLa Pola disappeared from that imposing presence which her coming had filled with a new life and impulse
IT was nearly dawn when the Liberator left the city. That night the bleaching skeleton of the venerable patriot Hermano was taken down from the gibbet where it had hung so long, by hands that left the revolutionary banner waving proudly in its place. This was an event to startle the viceroy. It was followed by other events. In a few days more, and the sounds of
tiful city on an island in the river Magdalena. The event has enlisted the muse of many a native patriot and poet, who grew wild when they recalled the courage of
" Those dames of Magdalena,
Who, in one fearful night,
Slew full four hundred tyrants,
Nor shrunk from blood in fright."
Such women deserve the apostrophe of Macbeth to his wife : ---" Bring forth men children only."