Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter VI / Love's Last Supper; A True Story of the Troubadours >> Page 85

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 85
voted to thee. It is thy truth, and thy nobleness, dear lady,
which I love and worship."
By these shalt thou know me ever, Guillaume of Cabes-
taign," was the response ; and yet I warn thee," she continued,
I warn and I entreat thee, dear servant, that thou approach
me not so near again. Thou bast shown to me, and surprised
from me, a most precious but an unhappy secret. Thou Nast
too deeply found thy way into my heart. Alas ! wherefore !
wherefore !" and the eyes of the amiable and virtuous woman
were suffused with tears, as her innocent soul trembled under
the reproaches of her jealous conscience. She continued
I can not help but love thee, Guillaume of Cabestaign, but
it shall never be said that the love of the Lady Marguerite of
Roussillon was other than became the wife of her lord. Thou,
too, shalt know me, by love only, Guillaume ; but it shall be
such a love as shall work neither of us trespass. Yet do not
thou cease to love me as before, for, of a truth, dear servant,
the affections of thy heart are needful to the life of mine."
The voice of the troubadour was only in his lyre. At all
events, his reply has been only preserved to us in song. It was
in the fullness of his joy that he again poured forth his melody :
Where spreads the pleasant garden, Where blow the precious flowers,
My happy lot bath found me The bud of all the bowers.
Heaven framed it with a likeness, Its very self in sweetness,
Where virtue crowns the beauty, And love bestows completeness.
Still humble in possessions,
That humble all that prove her,
I joy in the affections,
That suffer me to love her; And in my joy I sorrow,
And in my tears I sing her,
The love that others hide away,
She suffers me to bring her. This right is due my homage,
For while they speak her beauty, 'Tis I alone that feel it well,
And love with perfect duty.