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Page 112

Poetry | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 112

He goes�the father from his child, To seek the monster of the wild, But, in his fond embraces caught,
Ere yet he goes, he hears her thought�Her wish�the spotted fawn�the prize, The pet most dear to girlhood's eyes, Long promised, which the chase denies. Stern is the sudden look he darts
Among the assembled crowd, as now His footstep from the threshold parts,
And dark the cloud about his brow.
" We hunt no timid deer to-day,
And arm for slaughter, not for play�Another season for such prey,
My child, and other prey for thee : A captive from the herd we seek, Would bring but sorrow to thy cheek, Make thee forget what peace is here,
Of bird, and bloom, and shady tree, And teach thine eyes the unknown tear! No more !"
He puts her from his grasp, Undoes, with gentle hand, the clasp She takes about his neck, and then,
Even as he sees her silent grief,
He turns, that stern old warrior-chief, And takes her to his arms again. " It shall be as thou wilt�the fawn, Ere from the hills the light is gone,
Shall crouch beneath thy hands." How sweetly then she smiled�his eye Once more perused her tenderly, Then, with a smile, he put her by,
And shouted to his bands.
They came !�a word, a look, is all
The thicket hides their wild array; A thousand warriors, plumed and tall,
Well arm'd and painted for the fray.
The maiden watcli'd their march,� a doubt
Rose in her heart, which, as they went, Her tongue had half-way spoken out,
Suspicious of' their fell intent. "A bison herd�yet why the frown
Upon my father's brow, and why