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Page 123

Poetry | Redfield | 1854
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'Twas as if sudden, touch'd by Heaven, The seal that kept the rock was riven; As if the waters slumbering deep,
Even from the very birth of light, Smote by its smile, had learn'd to leap,
Rejoicing to their Maker's sight.
How could that stern old king deny The angel pleading in her eye?
How mock the sweet imploring grace, That breathed in beauty from her face, And to her kneeling action gave
A power to soothe, and still subdue, Until, though humble as the slave.
To more than queenly sway she grew '1
Oh ! brief the doubt,�O ! short the strife ! She wins the cvi,tive's forfeit life.
She breaks his bands�she bids him go, Her idol, but her country's foe;
And dreams not, in that parting hour,
The gyves that from his limbs she tears, Are light in weight, and frail in power,
To those that round her heart she wears.