Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 1'0 SOUTHWARD HO
openly confessed her Christian Faith, was, as she desired, bap-
tized, and is since married to an English Gentleman of good un-
derstanding´┐Żas by his letter unto me, containing the reasons
of his marriage unto her, you may perceive. Another knot to
bind the knot the stronger. IIer father and friends gave appro-
bation of it, and her uncle gave her to him in the Church : she
lives civilly and lovingly with him, and I trust will increase in
goodnesse as the knowledge of God increaseth in her. She will
goe into England with mee, and were it but the gaining of this
one such, I will think my time, toile, and present stay, well
Enough of our old chronicler for a single sitting. I trust
the taste will lead to further readings : too little is really known
of our early histories. We gather the leading facts, perhaps,
from the miserable abridgments that flood the country, and too
frequently pervert the truth ; but, at best, the tone, the spirit
of the history is sadly lacking. We want books which shall not
only see the doings of our fathers, but trace and appreciate
their sympathies and feelings also. But the bell rings for sup-
per, and the captain signalizes us with an especial leer and
wave of the hand. With you in a moment, Senor, as soon as I
have laid old Purchas on his pillow."