Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter IX / The Bride of Fate >> Page 152

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Page 152

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 152 SOUTHWARD HO !
She is on my bosom ! I have her in my galley ! She speeds with me to my home ! I see it all, even as thou bast promised me !"
I promise thee nothing. I but show thee only what is written."
And when and how shall this be effected ?"
How, I know not," answered the woman ; " this is withheld from me. Fate shows what her work is, only as it appears when done, but not the manner of the doing."
But when will this be ?" was the question.
It must be ere she marries with Ulric Barberigo, for him she will never marry."
And it is appointed that he weds with her on the day of St. Mary's Eve. That is but a week hence, and the ceremony takes place "
At Olivolo."
Ha ! at Olivolo !" and a bright gleam of intelligence passed over the features of the stranger, from which his cloak had by this time entirely fallen. The woman beheld the look, and a slight smile, that seemed to denote scorn rather than any other emotion, played for a moment over her shrivelled and sunken lips.
Mother," said the stranger, must all these matters be left to fate ?"
That is as thou wilt."
But the eye of a young woman may be won her heart may be touched so that it shall be easy for fate to accomplish her designs. I am young ; am indifferently well-fashioned in person, and have but little reason to be ashamed of the face which God has given me. Beside, I have much skill in music, and can sing to the guitar as fairly as most of the young men of Venice. What if I were to find my way to the damsel�what if I play and sing beneath her father's palace ? I have disguises, and am wont to practice in various garments : I can�''
The woman interrupted him.
Thou mayst do as thou wilt. It is doubtless as indifferent to the fates, what thou doest, as it will be to me. Thou bast seen what I have shown �I can no more. I am not permitted to counsel thee. I am but a voice ; thou bast all that I can give thee."