Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 155

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription THE PIRATE COUNCIL. 155
this authority. Thou hadst shown thyself worthy to com-
Thy skill�thy courage--thy fortitude�"
In brief, ye thought me best fitted to command ye ?"
" Then I command ye hence ! Leave me, and let me rest !""Nay, brother, but this can riot be," was the reply of an-
other of the intruders. We must speak with thee while the
night serves us, lest thou hear worse things with the morrow.
Thou art, indeed, our captain ; chosen because of thy qualities
of service, to conduct and counsel us ; but we chose thee not
that thou shouldst sleep ! Thou Wert chosen that our enter-
prises might be active and might lead to frequent profit."
Has it not been so ?" demanded the chief.
"For a season it was so, and there was no complaint of
Who now complains ?"" Thy people�all !""And can ye not answer them ?''" No ! for we ourselves need an answer ! We. too, complain."" Of what complain ye ?"� That our enterprises profit us nothing.""Do ye not go forth in the galleys ? Lead ye not, each of
you, an armed galley ? Why is it that your enterprises profit
ye nothing ?"
Because of the lack of our captain.""And ye can do nothing without me ; and because ye are in-
capable, I must have no leisure for myself !""Nay, something more than this, Pietro. Our enterprises
avail us nothing, since you command that we no longer trouble
the argosies of Venice. Venice has become thy favorite. Thou
shieldest her only, when it is her merchants only who should
give us spoil. This, brother, is thy true offence. For this we
complain of thee ; for this thy people complain of thee. They
are impoverished by thy new-born love for Venice, and they are
angry with thee. Brother, their purpose is to depose thee."" Ha ! and ye�"" We are men as well as brethren. We cherish no such at-