Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription THE PIRATE PURPOSE. 157
mand, or the power departs from thy keeping. Fabio becomes
our leader !"
There was a pause. At length the pirate-chief addressed his
" Ye have spoken ! ye threaten, too ! This power of which
ye speak, is precious in your eyes. I value it not a zecchino ;
and went thou to depose me to-morrow, I should be the master
of ye in another month, did it please me to command a people
so capricious. But think not, though I speak to ye in this fash-
ion, that I deny your demand. I but speak thus to show ye that
I fear ye not. I will do as ye desire ; but did not your own
wishes square evenly with mine own, I should bide the issue of
this struggle, though it were with knife to knife."� It matters not how thou feelest, or what moveth thee, Pietro,
so that thou dost as we demand. Thou wilt lead us to this
spoil?"� I will."
It is enough. It will prove to thy people that they are
still the masters of the Lagune�that they are not sold to
Venice."" Leave me now."
The brethren took their departure. When they had gone,
the chief spoke in brief soliloquy, thus : �
Verily, there is the band of fate in this. Methinks I see the
history once more, even as I beheld it in the magic liquor of the
Spanish Gipsy. Why thought I not of this before, dreaming
vainly like an idiot boy, as much in love with his music as him-
self, who hopes by the tinkle of his guitar to win his beauty
from the palace of her noble sire, to the obscure retreats of his
gondola ! These brethren shall not vex me. They are but the
creatures of my fate !"
LET us now return to Olivolo, to the altar-place of the church
of San Pietro di Castella, and resume the progress of that
strangely-mingled ceremonial�mixed sunshine and sadness
which was broken by the passionate conduct of Giovanni Gra-
denigo. We left the poor, crushed Francesca, in a state of ma-