Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 174

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 114 SOUTHNVA_EU) HO
operatives in a manufactory will, by their labor, increase three-
fold the v flue of eight thousand bales, making a total of market-
values equal to the twenty-five thousand bales. But when the
operatives have done this, they have done nothing more than
feed and clothe themselves, while, in fact, the cotton-planter has
sent nothing but his surplus crop into the market. He has lived
and fed well, with all his operatives besides. Of the twenty-five
thousand persons in agriculture, twelve thousand enjoy luxuries,
as well as comforts, whieh are not common to the cities. They
have more leisure ; they enjoy more society ; most of them ride
on horseback, and the greater number of families keep carriage
or buggy. Nothing is said of the variety of food which they
command, or may command the delights of their own homes,
in their own grounds, their own gardens and firesides ; and the
ease, the independence and elasticity, which belong to him who
lives in the air and sunshine ; in exercises which are grateful ;
and retires from his toils at an early hour, to the enjoyments of
his homestead and his sleep. But talking of sleep reminds me
of supper. Captain, if my nose does not greatly err, we are in
the latitude of the old North State. I have been smelling tar
and turpentine for the last half hour."