Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Cape Charles, with one of his wives�and, to do him justice, we
must assure the reader that, unlike our modern Brighamites, he
had but one at a time. A matrimonial discussion ensued between
the pair, which warmed as they proceeded. The lord grew
angry, the lady vociferous.
" It was the diamond," said one� and " I insist," quoth the
other, " that it was the club."
You will drive me mad !" cried John Custis.
I should call that admirable driving ?" retorted the wife.
"By !" he exclaimed, " if you say another word I will
drive down into the sea !" They were even then upon the
beach !
" Another word !" screamed the lady. Drive where you
please," she added� into the sea I can go as deep as you
dare go any day !"
He became furious, took her at her word, and drove the horses
and chariot into the ocean. They began to swim. He held in,
looked into her face, and she�laughed in his.
Why do you stop ?" she demanded, exultingly�not a whit
� You are a devil !" be exclaimed flinging the horses about,
and making for the shore with all expedition.
� Pooh ! pools !" laughed his tormentor. Learn from this
that there is no place where you dare to go, where I dare not
accompany you."� Even to h� !" he groaned.
<< The only exception," she answered with a chuckle there
my dear, I leave you." She had conquered. He never drove
in at Cape Charles again, but groaned with the recollection of
the seven years bachelor-life at Arlington.
When this little narration had ended, an intelligent German
of the party, from whose grave features and silent tongue we
had expected nothing, now pleasantly surprised us by volunteer-
ing a legend of his own country � a domestic legend of dark
and gloomy character. We expressed our gratification at the
offer, drew our chairs into the circle, lighted fresh cigars, and
listened to the following tale, which, as if parodying the title of
a previous story, he called�