Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XI / The Bride of Hate: Or, The Passage of a Night >> Page 203

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription CONFLICT OF PASSIONS. 203
rent of impetuous indignation and rage ; �then suddenly rece-
ding at the close of her words, she would sink back as if ex-
hausted upon the ottoman, burying her face within her hands
and sobbing with disappointed anger. Bruno, meanwhile,
looked the very embodiment of coolness and resolution.
Ulrica," I heard him say, as I approached the aperture,
these are follies from which you should be now freed. They
are frenzies which must only destroy you, while they do no
good to your purpose, enfeeble you in my sight and humble
you in your own. Of what avail is all this violence�of what
avail your further struggles to prevent that consummation which
is, at length, at hand : let me implore you to be wise ere it be
too late. Welcome with a smile the necessity which you can
baffle no longer."
Welcome it with a curse welcome it with death, rather.
Well do you call it a necessity ; it is a necessity like death, and
as such, and such only, shall it have my welcome.""And the wise welcome death with a smile, if only because
it is a necessity," replied Bruno. You can not now escape me,
you can not longer evade compliance with my wishes. Long,
long, and wearisome indeed, have been my labors. I have at
length triumphed ! I have succeeded in my purpose, and am,
at length the master of your fate ! I witness your struggles
with sorrow, as they only drive you on the more certainly to
humiliation�perhaps to madness. It is pity, Ulrica, genuine
pity, and no other feeling, which would move me to implore of
you a willing concession of that which you can no longer avoid
to make. The necessity is now inevitable, and I would spare
you those further struggles which tend only to your exhaustion.
You are so completely in my power, that your hatred and fury
no longer awaken my indignation."
Do you exult, wretch�do you then exult? Beware !
You are not yet secure of your triumph."
I am. Let this night pass only without harm to the boy,
and all is well, and our triumph is complete. I am then your
Master ! master ! Away, insolent, and leave me. You are
still my slave."
No, Ulrica, you know better than this. The epithet is no