Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XI / The Bride of Hate: Or, The Passage of a Night >> Page 214

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription r
self to my thoughts. What was she not ? What had she not
been ? and what had been her purposes�her baffled purposes?
Let me not fancy them lest I madden.
" It is no sullject of regret, Herman," were the first words of
Bruno, when, yielding; the baroness up to her attendants, we re-
tired to another apartment. God has interposed to save us
from a greater trial, and to save her from an exposure even more
humbling than this. The dawn of another day, the sight of
wli'cli she will now be spared, would have been worse than
death to a spirit such as hers."
But, will she die, Bruno? Can she not be saved ? is it
certain ?"
It is ; and I am glad of it for your sake, as well as hers."
For my sake ?"
Ay ! the moment of her death puts you in possession of this
castle and all her estates."" Me !"
And I am"
Her heir�yet not her heir. You are the heir to a power
beyond hers, and which proved her destiny. Her death makes
atonement at once to the living and to the dead. She now, in-
voluntarily, compensates for a long career of injustice. But, in-
quire no further ; death, which will place you in possession of
your rights, will, at the same time, deprive you for ever of a
knowledge of certain secrets, which, had she lived till to-mor-
row's noon, must have been revealed in order to compel that
justice which has been too long denied. It is fortunate that she
will perish thus fortunate for her�for you�for
He paused, and with an impulse which I could not withstand,
I desperately concluded the sentence
And for yourself !"
For me ! Ha ! � Can it be ? Herman, my son, what have
you done ?"" Followed you through the corridor, when, this evening, you
led the baroness away from my apartment."" And did you trace our footsteps�did you find us where we
were�did you hear what was spoken ?""All! All!"