Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XI / The Bride of Hate: Or, The Passage of a Night >> Page 215

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
He covered his face with his hands, and groaned aloud in the
bitterness of an anguished and disappointed spirit.
This pang," he exclaimed at length, " I had hoped to spare
you. I have toiled for this at all seasons and hours, by night
and day, in crowds and solitudes. Unhappy boy ! your curios-
ity has won for you that partial knowledge of the truth which
must only bring delusion, doubt, and anxiety."
But why should it be partial, Bruno. I know from what
you have already said, that you know more, that you know all.
You will complete my knowledge, you will terminate my doubts.""Never! Never ! If God has spared me, by his act this
night, that dire necessity from which he well knows I would
have shrunk, shall I now voluntarily seek it ? No ! No ! The
fearful chronicle of shame is sealed up for ever in her death.
Blessed dispensation ! Her lips can no longer declare her folly,
and mine shall be silent on her shame. You have heard all
that you can ever hear of these dreadful mysteries.""Nay, Bruno ! Say not this, I implore you. Tell me, at
least, tell me, that this most fearful woman is not
I shrunk from naming the word, the word signifying the rela-
tionship which I suspected to exist between us, which, indeed,
seemed now to be infinitely more than a doubt, a suspicion. I
looked to him to comprehend, to answer, without making neces-
sary the expression of my fear. But he was silent, and I forced
out the reluctant word :
" Tell me, Bruno, tell me at least, that this fearful woman is
not�my mother."
And of what avail if I should tell you this ? Would that
terminate your doubts would that satisfy your curiosity ?"" It would� it would.""No, Herman, I know your nature better to know this
would only lead to other and more annoying questions, questions
which, if answered, would take peace from your mind for ever.
You would know next "
He now paused.
"Yes !" I exclaimed, I would then seek to know �and I
now,. do�what was he, Bruno�my father� and what is the
secret of your power over her� and who are you?"
Let it be a matter of thanks with you, Herman, in your