Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XII >> Page 220

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 220 SOUTHWARD Ho !
and so entirely as if the speaker had no consciousness of having
delivered himself other than modestly, that we concluded to
leave the matter in his hands, and forebore all comment. In
this resolution we were confirmed by seeing him begin his prep-
arations the next moment by an enormous draught from the bar;
the potency of which, judging from the infinite depth of its color,
was well calculated to afford to the orator all the inspiration that
could eve� be drawn from an amalgam of Snake and Tiger.
Such was the title which he gave to a curious amalgam of the
sweet, the sour, the bitter, and the strong �bitters and brandy,
lemon and sugar, and, I think, a little sprinkling of red pepper,
being the chief elements in the draught. We felt persuaded,
after this specimen of his powers, that his tastes would be suf-
ficiently various, and his fancies sufficiently vivid ; and we saw
him pull off his spectacles, and put off to bed, with full confi-
dence that neither sleeping, dreaming, drinking or waking,
would he defraud our honest expectations.
His departure did not constitute a pernicious example. It
was followed by no other of the party. Soon, the ladies ap-
peared on deck, and we grouped ourselves around them, my
Gothamite friend planting himself on the right of Selina Bur-
roughs, closely, but a little in the rear, as if for more convenient
access to her ear.
So squat the serpent by the ear of Eve," I whispered him
in passing.
Ah ! traitor," quoth he, sotto voce also, would you betray
Do not too soon betray yourself."
Hem ! a sensible suggestion."
We were not allowed to proceed any farther. The lady be-
gan with reproaches.
I am told, gentlemen, that you took advantage of our de-
parture last night to say some of your best things�told, in
fact, some of your best stories. How was this ? But we must
not be made to suffer again in like manner, and I propose that
we begin early to-night. Signor Myrtalozzi"�turning to an
interesting professor of Italian, who formed one of the party
" we should hear from you to-night. If I did not greatly mis-
understand you, there were some curious histories recalled to