Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XII / The Picture of Judgment; Or, The Grotta Del Tifone >> Page 233

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Page 233

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription THE DRAUGHT. 233
looking forward ; and thus, after the interval of a few seconds,
be passed to the chamber of his wife. And still she slept. He
bent over her, earnestly and intently gazing upon those beauties
which grief seemed only to sadden into superior sweetness. He
looked upon her with those earnest eyes of love, the expression
of which can never be misunderstood. Still lie loved her, though
between her heart and his, a high, impassable barrier had been
raised up by the machinations of a guilty spirit. Tenderness
was the prevailing character of his glance until she spoke. Her
sleep, though deep, was not wholly undisturbed. Fearful images
crossed her fancy. She started and sobbed, and cried, " Save,
0 save and spare him�Flavius, my dear Flavius !" and her
breathing again became free, and her lips sunk once more into
repose. But fearful was the change, from a saddened tender-
ness to agony and despair, which passed over the features of
Ccelius as he listened to her cry. Suddenly, striking his clenched
hands against his forehead, he shook them terribly at the sleep-
ing woman, and rushed wildly out of the apartment.
IT was noon of the same day a warm and sunny noon, in
which the birds and the breeze equally counselled pleasure and
repose. The viands stood before our Coelius and his wife, the
choicest fruits of Italy, and cites which might not, in later days,
have misbeseemed the favorite chambers of Lucullus. The gob-
let was lifted in the hands of both, and the heart of Aurelia felt
almost as cheerful as the expression on her face. It was the
reflection in the face of her husband. His brow was gloomy no
longer. The tones of his voice were neither cold, nor angry,
nor desponding. A change�she knew not why�bad come
over his spirit, and he smiled, nay, laughed out, in the very ex-
ultation of a new life. Aurelia conjectured nothing of this so
sudden change. Enough that it was grateful to her soul. She
was too happy in its influence to inquire into its cause. Wliat
heart that is happy does inquire ? Slle quaffed the goblet at his
bidding � quaffed it to the dregs and her eye gleamed delighted
and delightfully upon his, even as in the first hours of their union.
She had no apprehensions�dreaded nothing sinister and did