Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XII / The Picture of Judgment; Or, The Grotta Del Tifone >> Page 238

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Page 238

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 238 SOUTHWARD HO !
"By all the gods of Rome ""And of what avail, and how binding the oath taken in the
names of the barbarian deities of Rome."
By the Etrurian "
Perjure not thyself, woman, but hear me."
Go on, my lord, I will hear thee, though I suffer death with
every word thou speak'st."
It is well, Aurelia, that thou art prepared for this."
Thy dagger, my Caelius, were less painful than thy words
and looks unkind."
Never was I unkind, until I found thee false."
Never was I false, my lord, even when thou wast unkind."
Woman ! lie not ! thou wert discovered with thy paramour,
here, in this tomb ; thou wert followed, day by day, and all thy
secret practices betrayed. This thou ow'st to the better vigi-
lance of my dear brother Aruns � he, more watchful of my hon-
or than myself�""Ah ! well I know from what hand came the cruel shaft !
Coelius, my Coelius, thy brother is a wretch, doomed to infamy
and black with crime. I have had no paramour. I might have
had, and thou miglit'st have been dishonored, had I hearkened
to thy brother's pleadings. I spurned him from my feet with
loathing, and he requites me with hate. Oh, my husband, be-
lieve me, and place this man, whom thou too fondly tallest thy
brother, before thine eyes and mine !"
Alas ! Aurelia, this boldness becomes thee not. I myself
traced thee to this tomb these eyes but too frequently beheld
thee with thy paramour."
Ccelius, as I live, lie was no paramour�but where is he,
what bast thou done with him ?"
Sent him before thee to prepare thy couch in Hades !"" Oh, brother ! �but thou hast not ! tell me, my lord, that thy
hand is free from this bloody crime !"
He sleeps beneath thee. It is upon his sarcophagus thou
She started with a piercing shriek from the coffin where she
sat, knelt beside it, and strove to remove the heavy stone lid,
which had been au ''ady securely fastened. While thus engaged