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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 24 SOUTHWARD HU
4. The Stare States of the South. The conservators of the
peace, where faction never rears its head, where mobs tear not
down, nor bum, nor destroy the hopes and habitations of the
peaceful and the weak, and where reverence in the people is
still the guarantee for a gentleman in the politician.
5. The Agriculture of the South. The source of peace, hos-
pitality, and those household virtues, which never find in business
a plea against society.
6. Cotton and Corn. The grand pacificatory, which in cover-
ing and lining the poor of Europe, bind their hands with peace,
and fill their hearts with gratitude.
7. Washington.� A Southron and a slaveholder�pious with-
out cant ; noble without arrogance ; brave without boast; and
generous without ostentation !�When the Free-Soilers shall be
able to boast of such a citizen and son, it may be possible to be-
lieve them honest in their declarations, and unselfish in their ob-
jects but not till then.
8. The President of the United States.�We honor authority
and place ; but let authority see that it do honor to itself. Let
no man suppose that he shall play the puppet in his neighbors'
hands, and not only escape the shame thereof, but win the good
name of skilful play for himself. He who would wield authority,
must show himself capable of rule ; and he who has famously
borne the sword, must beware lest other men should use his
[Par Parenthese. Brave old Zachary Taylor was the reign-
ing president when this toast was given.]
9. The 1\rative State.�Yours or mine, no matter. We are all
linked indissolubly, by a strange sand more than mortal tie, to a
special Soil. To that soil does the true soul always hold itself
firmly bound in a fidelity that loves to toil in its improvement,
and will gladly die in its defence.
10. Woman.� Whether as the virgin she wins our fancies,
as the wife our hearts, as the mother our loyalty, still, in all, the
appointed angel to minister to our cares, to inspirit our hopes,
to train our sensibilities, and to lift our sympathies, to the pure,
the gentle, the delicate, and the true.
11. Our Slaves.�Like our children, minors in the hands of
the guardian, to be protected and trained to usefulness and virtue