Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XIII / The Oration of the Green-Spectacled Alabamian >> Page 255

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription FLOW OF SENTIMENT. 255
� to be taught service and obedience love and loyalty � to
be nurtured with a care that never wrongs, and governed by a
rule that simply restrains the excesses of humanity.
12. Our Captain and his Ship.� A good husband for such a
wife,� he lets her steam it, but keeps her in stays ; she may
boil up, but never keeps the house in hot water � and all the
hellabaloo finally ends in smoke. If she keeps up a racket be-
low, he at least, trumpet in hand, walks the decks, and is still
the master. May he always keep her to her bearings, and never
suffer her to grow so old, as, like some other old woman, to be-
come past bearing.
Here, the captain, overcome with emotion, his face covered
with blushes, rose, and after the fierce plaudits of the table had
subsided, replied in the most eloquent language to the compli-
ment, concluding thus �
And while I remain the master of this goodly creature, gen-
tlemen, let me assure you, she will never discredit her breeding ;
certainly never while she continues to bear such children as I
have the honor to see before me. Gentlemen, I give you
"The Fair � Equally precious as fair weather, fair play, and
fair women. While deriving from these the best welfare of the
heart, may we be called upon to bid them farewell only when
it is decreed that we shall fare better."
The regular toasts were resumed and concluded with the thir-
13. The Orator of the Day.� He bath put the chisel to the
seam, the wedge to the split, the hammer to the head, the saddle
on the horse. He has spoken well and wisely, and decently,
without the hiellabaloo which usually marks a fourth of July
oration. Let him be honored with the mark of greatness, and
if there be a place in senate and assembly which it would not
discredit a wise man and a gentleman to occupy, send him
Our orator was again on his feet. His green spectacles under
them at the same moment � and, such a speech in reply :
there is no reporting it, but if Alabama does not yet ring with
the voice of that nondescript, then bath she lost the taste for
racy matters.
It will be seen that, thus far, the secessionists have pretty