Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XIII / The Bride of the Battle. A Tale of the Revolution. >> Page 269

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription "TEN GUINEAS FOR HIS EARS." 269
And why not ? You are within hail of my father's dwelling.""But yours, surely, are not the tastes for lonely walks.""Alas! sir, these are scarcely the times for any other."
Well, you must permit me to see that your walks are in no
danger from intrusion and insult. You will, no doubt, be con-
founded to hear that scattered bands of the rebels are supposed
to be, even now, closely harbored in these swamps. That vil-
lain, Coulter, is known to be among them. It is to hunt up
these outlyers � to protect you from their annoyances, that I
am here now.""We can readily dispense with these services, Captain Dunbar.
I do not think that we are in any danger from such enemies,
and in this neighborhood."
It was some effort to say this calmly.
Nay, nay, you are quite too confident, my dear Miss Sabb.
You know not the audacity of these rebels, and of this Richard
Coulter in particular. But let me lay hands on him ! You will
hardly believe that he is scarce ten minutes gone from this spot.
Did you not hear his horse ?"" I heard no horses but your own."
There it is ! You walk the woods in such abstraction that
you hear not the danger, though immediately at your ears. But
disperse yourselves in pursuit, my merry men, and whoso brings
me the ears of this outlaw, shall have ten guineas, in the yellow
gold itself. No continental sham ! Remember, his ears, boys !
We do not want any prisoners. The trouble of hanging them
out of the way is always wisely saved by a sabre-cut or pistol-
bullet. There, away !"
The countenance of Frederica Sabb instantly assumed the
keenest expression of alarm and anxiety. Her whole frame
began to be agitated. She advanced to the side of the ruffianly
soldier, and put her hand up appealingly.
" Oh ! Captain Dunbar, will you not please go home with me,
you and your men ? It is now our supper-hour, and the sun is
near his setting. I pray you, do not think of scouring the
woods at this late hour. Some of your people may be hurt."
No danger, my dear�all of them are famous fox-hunters."
There is no danger to us, believe me. There is nobody in
the woods that we fear. Give yourself no trouble, nor your men."