Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XIII / The Bride of the Battle. A Tale of the Revolution. >> Page 270

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription " Oh, you mistake ! there is surely some one in this wood
who is either in your way or mine�though you heard no
Oh ! now I recollect, sir, I did hear a horse, and it seemed
to be going in that direction."
Here the girl pointed below. The tory leader laughed out-
And so he went thither, did he ? Well, my dear Miss Sabb,
to please you, I will take up the hunt in the quarter directly
opposite, since it is evident that yourliearing just now is exceed-
ingly deceptive. Boys, away ! The back-track, hark you!

the old fox aims to double."" Oh, go not� go not !" she urged, passionately.
" Will I not ?" exclaimed the loyalist, gathering up his reins
and backing his steed from her " will I not ? Away, Clymes,
away, boys ; and remember, ten guineas for that hand which
brings down the outlaw, Richard Coulter."
Away they dashed into the forest, scattering themselves in
the direction indicated by their leader. Frederica watched their
departure with an anxious gaze, which disappeared from her
eyes the moment they were out of sight. In an instant all her
agitation ceased.
" Now�thank Heaven for the thought !" she cried� it will
be quite dark before they find themselves at fault ; and when they
think to begin the search below, he will be wholly beyond their
reach. But how to warn him against the meeting, as agreed on.
The coning of this man forbids that. I must see�I must con-
trive it." And with these muttered words of half-meaning, she
quietly made her way toward her father's dwelling, secure of the
present safety of her lover from pursuit. She had very success-
fully practised a very simple ruse for his escape. Her apprehen-
sions were only but admirably simulated ; and, in telling Dunbar
that the fugitive had taken one direction, she naturally relied
on his doubts of her truth, to make him seek the opposite. She
had told him nothing but the truth, but she had told it as a false-
hood ; and it had all the effect which she desired. The chase
of the tory-captain proved unsuccessful.