Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XIII / The Bride of the Battle. A Tale of the Revolution. >> Page 274

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 274 SOUTHWARD HO !
be afraid of that bad man, to keep out of his way, at least until
he gathers men enough to meet him on his own ground."
The startling voice of Dunbar himself broke in upon the whis-
pered conference. Mat Dunbar is exceedingly obliged to you,
Miss Sabb."
All !" shrieked the damsel�" Brough� fly, fly, Brough."
But Brough had no chance for flight.
His wings are not sufficiently grown," cried the loyalist, with
a brutal yell, as he grappled the old negro by the throat, and
hurled him to the ground. In the next moment be possessed
himself of the paper, which he read with evident disappoint-
ment. By this time the sound of his bugle had summoned his
lieutenant, with half a dozen of his followers, and the kitchen
was completely surrounded.
Miss Sabb, you had best retire to the dwelling. I owe you
no favors, and will remember your avowed opinion, this night, of
Mat Dunbar. You have spoken. It will be for me yet to speak.
Lieutenant Clymes, see the young lady home."
But, sir, you will not maltreat the negro ?"" Oh ! no ! I mean only that he shall obey your commands.
He shall carry this note to your favorite, just as you designed,
with this difference only, that I shall furnish him with an escort.""Ah!"
Poor Frederica could say no more. Clymes was about to
hurry her away, when a sense of her lover's danger gave her
Brough," she cried to the negro ; " you won't show where
Mass Richard keeps ?"
Never show dem tort' not'in', missis."
The close gripe of Dunbar's finger upon the throat of the ne-
gro stifled his further speech. But Frederica was permitted to
see no more. The hand of Clymes was laid upon her arm, and
she went forward promptly to save herself from indignity. She
little knew the scene that was to follow.