Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription BILOUGH'S SIGNAL. 281
day ; and, at this rendezvous, it was hoped that he would find
at least thirty stout fellows in attendance. But we anticipate.
It was while in the discussion of these subjects that the eyes of
Coulter, still looking in the direction of his heart, were attracted
by the sudden blaze which swept the forests, and dyed in lurid
splendor the very face of heaven. It had been the purpose of
Frederica Sabb, in setting fire to the undergrowth, not only to
shelter her own progress, but in this way to warn her lover of
his danger. But the effect was to alarm him for her safety rath-
er than his own.
" That fire is at Sabb's place," was his first remark.
� It looks like it," was the reply of the preacher.
� Can it be that Dunbar has burnt the old man's dwelling ?""Hardly !"� He is not too good for it, or for anything monstrous.
He has burnt others old Rumph's � Ferguson's, and many
more."� Yes ! but he prefers to own, and not destroy old Sabb's. As
long as he has a hope of getting Frederica, he will scarcely com-
mit such an outrage."" But if she has refused him if she answers him as she feels,
scornfully �"� Even then he will prefer to punish in a different way. He
will rather choose to take the place by confiscation than burn it.
He has never put that fire, or it is not at Sabb's, but this side
of it, or beyond it."� It may be the act of some drunken trooper. At all events,
it requires that we should be on the look-out. I will scout it for
a while and see what the mischief is. Do you, meanwhile, keep
everything ready for a start."" That fire will never reach us."� Not with this wind, perhaps ; but the enemy may. He evi-
dently beat the woods after my heels this evening, and may be
here to-morrow, on my track. We must be prepared. Keep
the horses saddled and bitted, and your ears open for any sum-
mons. Ha ! by heavens, that is Brough's signal now."� Is it Brougli's ? If so, it is scarcely from Brough in a healthy
state. The old fellow must have caught cold going to and fro
at all hours in the service of Cupid."