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Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XIII / The Bride of the Battle. A Tale of the Revolution. >> Page 289

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription LOVE IN THE SWAMP. 289
set in for the shore which the tories occupied, and a stout swim-
mer might have easily .drawn the little argosy upon the banks.
To one familar with the dense swamps that skirt the rivers
through the alluvial bottom lands of the South, there will be no
difficulty in comprehending the fact that a fugitive may find
temporary security within half a mile of his enemy, even where
his pursuers hunt for him numbers. Thus it happened that,
in taking to the river, our little corporal's guard of patriots, un-
der the direction of Elijah Fields, the worthy preacher, swim-
ming their horses round a point of land on the opposite shore,
sought shelter but a little distance below " Bear island," in a
similar tract of swamp and forest, and almost within rifleshot of
their late retreat. They had no fear that their enemy would
attempt, at that late hour, and after the long fatigue of their
recent march and search, to cross the river in pursuit of them ;
and had they been wild enough to do so, it was equally easy to
hide from search, or to fly from pursuit. Dunbar felt all this as
sensibly as the fugitives ; and, with the conviction of his entire
failure at Bear Castle," he gave up the game for the present.
Meanwhile, the little bark of Frederica Sabb made its way down
the river. She made her calculations on a just estimate of the
probabilities in the situation of Coulter's party, and was not de-
ceived. As the boat swept over to the opposite shore, after
rounding the point of land that lay between it and " Bear Cas-
tle," it was hailed by Fields, for whom Brougli had ready answer.
Some delay, the fruit of a proper caution, took place before our
fugitives were properly sensible of the character of the stranger;
but the result was, that, with returning consciousness, Richard
Coulter found himself once more in safety with his friends ; and,
a still more precious satisfaction, attended by the woman of his
heart. It was not long before all the adventures of Frederica
were in his possession, and his spirit became newly strengthened.
for conflict and endurance by such proofs of a more than feminine
attachment which the brave young girl had shown. Let us leave
the little party for a season, while we return with the captain of
loyalists to the farmstead of old Frederick Sabb.