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Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XIII / The Bride of the Battle. A Tale of the Revolution. >> Page 304

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 804 SOUTHWARD HO
own party unseen�and the prospect was such as to compel his
instant feeling of the necessity of early action. It was at the
moment which exhibited old Sabb in the hands of the provost,
his hands tied behind him, and the rope about his neck. Clymes,
the lieutenant of Dunbar, with drawn sword, was pacing between
the victim and the house. The old Dutchman stood between
two subordinates, waiting for the signal, while his wife, little
dreaming of the scene in progress, was kept out of sight at the
bottom of the garden. Clymes and the provost were at once
marked out for the doom of the rifle, and the beads of two select
shots were kept ready, and levelled at their heads. But Dunbar
must be the first victim� and where was he ? Of the scene in
the house Coulter had not yet any inkling. But suddenly he
beheld Frederica at the window. He heard her shriek, and be-
held her, as he thought, drawn away from the spot. His excite-
ment growing almost to frenzy at this moment, he was about to
give the signal, and follow the first discharge of his rifles with �
a rush, when suddenly he saw his associate, Elijah Fields, turn
the corner of the house, and enter it through the piazza. This
enabled him to pause, and prevented a premature development
of his game. He waited for those events which it is not denied
that we shall see. Let us then return to the interior.
We must not forget the startling words with which Elijah
Fields interrupted the forced marriage of Frederica with her
brutal persecutor.
" The girl is already married."
Dunbar, still supporting her now quite lifeless in his arms,
looked up at the intruder in equal fury and surprise.
Ha, villain !" was the exclamation of Dunbar, "you are
here ?"
No villain, Captain Dunbar, but a servant of the Most High
God!"" Servant of the devil, rather ! Wliat brings you here and
what is it you say ?"
I say that Frederica Rabb is already married, and leer hus-
band living !"
Liar, that you are, you shall swing for this insolence."" I am no liar. I say that the girl is married, and I witnessed
the ceremony."