Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XIII / The Bride of the Battle. A Tale of the Revolution. >> Page 305

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription TEE CO L` L1 Crl . 805
"You did, did you ?" was the speech of Dunbar, with a tre-
mendous effort of coolness, laying down the still lifeless form of
Frederica as he spoke ; and perhaps you performed the ceremony
rlso, oh, worthy servant of the Most High !"
It was my lot to do so."
Grateful lot ! And pray with whom did you unite the dam-
sel ?""With Richard Coulter, captain in the service of the State
of South Carolina."
Though undoubtedly anticipating this very answer, Dunbar
echoed the annunciation with a fearful shriek, as, drawing his
sword at the same moment, he rushed upon the speaker. But
his rage blinded him ; and Elijah Fields was one of the coolest
of all mortals, particularly when greatly excited. He met the
assault of Dunbar with a fearful buffet of his fist, which at once
felled the assailant ; but he rose in a moment, and with a yell
of fury he grappled with the preacher. They fell together, the
latter uppermost, and rolling his antagonist into the fireplace,
where he was at once half buried among the embers, and in a
cloud of ashes. In the struggle, however, Dunbar contrived to
extricate a pistol from his belt, and to fire it. Fields struggled
up from his embrace, but a torrent of blood poured from his side
as he did so. He rushed toward the window, grasped the sill in
his hands, then yielded his hold, and sunk down upon the floor,
losing his consciousness in an uproar of shots and shouts from
without. In the next moment the swords of Coulter and Dun-
bar were crossed over his prostrate body. The struggle was
short and fierce. It had nearly terminated fatally to Coulter,
on his discovering the still insensible form of Frederica in his
way. In the endeavor to avoid trampling upon her, he afforded
an advantage to his enemy, which nothing prevented him from
employing to the utmost but the ashes with which his eyes were
still half blinded. As it was, he inflicted a severe cut upon the
shoulder of the partisan, which rendered his left arm temporarily
useless. But the latter recovered himself instantly. His blood
was in fearful violence. He raged like a Berserker of the North-
men�absolutely mocked the danger of his antagonist's weapon
�thrust him back against the side of the house, and hewing him
almost down with one terrible blow upon the shoulder, with a