Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription CHAPTER XV.
WE must not forget our pledges," said the sea-green ora-
tor, as we seated ourselves in a group near the wheel, after sup-
per, cigars all lighted. And, if not too full of better stuff, my
friends, I propose to give you the chronicle of the old North State,
of which I have spoken. As I have mentioned already, the
matter is not my own. I gathered it from the correspondence
of a traveller in some of the newspapers. It seemed so truth-
ful, so appropriate, and confirmed so admirably my own experi-
ence, that I memorized it without any effort."
No one dissenting, the Alabamian proceeded with his narra-
tive, very much as follows
The genius of the old North State,' said he, ' is deci-
dedly masculine. With a large physical development, he is as
conscious of his strength as totally indifferent to its uses. Indif-
ference is his virtue. He would be as little interested if the
scents which he gave forth were cologne instead of turpentine.
There he stands or lies, an enormous waste of manhood, looking
out upon the Atlantic. His form, though bulky, is angular
one shoulder rather higher than the other, and one leg standing
awkwardly at ease. His breeches, you perceive, are of the
most antique fashion�equally short and tight. He has evi-
dently outgrown them, but the evidence is not yet apparent to
his own mind. His meditations have not yet conducted him to
that point, where the necessity of providing himself with a bet-
ter fit, a more becoming cut, and a thoroughly new pair, comes
upon him with the force of some sudden supernatural conviction.
When they do, he will receive such a shock as will cover him
with perspiration enough for a thousand years. He stands now,
if you believe me, in pretty nearly the same attitude which he
maintained when they were running the State Line between him