Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
under leaves that the denuded vegetable grows finally to be al-
most as tall as himself. His cotton crops are exceedingly small
�so short in some seasons as not to permit the good wife to
make more than short hose for herself and little ones. His his-
torian is Shocco Jones.'"
Where the d�1 is Shocco Jones now ?" was the in-
quiry of the little red-faced native, who tried to appear very
indifferent to all that the orator was saying. He wrote well,
that Jones. His defence of North Carolina against Tom Jeffer-
son was the very thing, and I have seen some of his sketches
of the old State that were a shine above Irving's."" No doubt ! no doubt ! Jones and Smith have possibly gone
on a visit to their cousin German, Thompson. To proceed:
"'His orators are Stanley and Clingman, who are by no
means better than Webster and Calhoun�and his shipping
consists of the Mary and Sally," and " Polly Hopkins
"Ile must have others, for I saw a wreck at Smithville in
1835, on the stern of which I read ' Still-Water.'"" She is there still," said the orator, and still-water at that.
She was beached in 1824�the ' Sleeping Beauty' taking her
place, between Squam Island, Duck's Inlet, Old Flats, and
Smithfield, till, lingering too long in the river, the tide fell and
left her on the Hognose Bank, where her beauty is somewhat
on the wane. But to proceed with our authority ""Your authority is an abominable falsehood all throughout
�a lie of whole cloth," said the fiery native--" so let's have no
more of it."" Go on ! Go on ! old Bile ! It's prime !" quoth the Texan.
Not heeding either, the Alabamian proceeded as if he were
reading from a book
Wilmington is his great port of entry� his city by the sea.
Here he carries on some of his largest manufactures, converting
daily into turpentine a thousand barrels of the odoriferous gum.
His dwellings here are of more pretension than elsewhere. He
has lately been doing them up, rebuilding and retouching in a
style that shows that he has suddenly opened his eyes upon
what the world has been doing elsewhere. The change is really
not in unison with his character. It sits unnaturally upon him,
and gives him a slightly fidgetty manner which is no ways pm-