Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XV / More of the Genius of the Old North State >> Page 326

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Page 326

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 826 SOUTHWARD 110!
I admit the hermaphrodites. I have seen one of them my-
Ah ! have you? and you'll admit the brigs and schooners
too, I reckon, if you're put to it, and the steamers. Then, too, you
don't say a word of our exports."
Your produce, you mean ! Didn't I admit the pumpkins and
the peas ?"
As if six millions could be got out of peas and pumpkins."" It does seem a large amount, indeed, from such a source,
but of course there's the tar and turpentine."" I say, young boss," put in the Texan, " don't you see that
old Bile is just putting the finger of fun into the green parts of
your eye."" Well said, son of Texas ; the figure is not a bad one. The
finger of fun ! � green parts of the eye ! Good decidedly."" He's poking fun at me, you mean to say."
That's it !"
Well, he shall see that be can't do that without risking some-
thing by the transaction. One thing, my friend, you forgot to
say about the people of North Carolina in your chronicle. They
won't stand impudence of any sort. And now I have just to ask
of you for an answer, up and clown, to one question."" Propound !"" Did you mean to make my state or me, personally, ridiculous
by what you have been saying ?"" Ridiculous, indeed, my friend ! How can you imagine such
a vain thing. You are quite too sensitive. Your self-esteem is
singularly undeveloped. Your state is a very great state, after
a somewhat peculiar model, and no doubt, though a small man,
you are one who need not be ashamed of yourself or your
We all assured the young Carolinian that there could be no
purpose to give him offence that the Alabamian was simply
endeavoring to amuse the company with a salient view of men
and communities.
" But he shan't do so at my expense.
" Oh ! he means nothing of the kind.'" If he did !"" Well !" quotli the Alabamian. " If I did ! what then ?"