Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XV / More of the Genius of the Old North State >> Page 329

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
� What's your business ? You've served, I reckon, in the
army."" Yes, as a ranger."" Been in many fights ?"� A few. The last I had was with seven Apache Indians. I
had but one revolver, a six-barrel
� Well ?"
I killed six of the savages."� And the seventh ?"
He killed me ! �And now for the snake and tiger."
The two disappeared together, steering in the direction of the
bar. When they next joined us, the North-Carolinian had his
arm thrust lovingly through that of his tormentor, and came
forward laughing uproariously, and exclaiming :
� You should have heard him. Lord, what a fellow ! He's
mad as thunder�that's certain ; but he's got a mighty deal of
sense in him, in spite of all."� We are about opposite Smithville now," said our captain, as
the Alabamian came up. The latter turned to the Nortli-Caro-
linian, and, with a poke in his ribs, said
" You thought me quizzing your state, when, in fact, I have
more reverence for its antiquities than any person I know.
This place, Smithville, for example, I have studied with great
industry. It was settled perhaps you have heard�by the
first man of the name of Smith that came out of Noah's ark.
It is supposed, indeed, to be the very spot where the ark rested
when the waters subsided. There is an old windmill here,
still to be seen, and the most picturesque object in the place,
which is referred back to the period when Noah carried three
sheets in the wind. The people here, of course, are all named
Smith."" Oh, that's a mistake, my dear fellow," put in the North-Caro-
linian. You have been imposed upon. I know the place, and
know that the Buttons live here, and the Black family ; and
there's another family
" Never mind�it is you who are mistaken. They are really
all Smiths, however much they may disguise and deny. There's
a family likeness running through all of them which nobody
can dispute."