Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XV / More of the Genius of the Old North State >> Page 332

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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 332 SOUTHWARD HO !

And with person as huge as a whaler's, His person he never adorn'd. Sing�Out on that ancient suitor.
What chance could he have with a maiden,
When round her, the gallant and gay Came flocking, their bravest array'd in,
Still leading her fancies astray?
But he studied the chapter of chances,
And having no green in his eyes, He gallantly made his advances,
As if certain to carry the prize. Sing�Hey for that ancient suitor.
But his beard had grown whiter than ever, He still made no change in his dress, But the codger had Anglican clever,
And was confident still of' success;
And the ladies now smiled at his presence, Each eagerly playing out trumps,
And his coming now conjured up pleasance, Where before it but conjured up dumps. Sing�Ho for that ancient suitor'.
And what were the arts of our suitor?
Why, the simplest of all, to be sure He took up Dan Plutus as tutor,
Dan Cupid he kicked from the door. Still sneering at sentiment-gammon,
He found that whene'er he could prove, That his Worship found favor with Mammon,
his worship found favor with love.
Hurrah ! for that ancient suitor!
" Oh ! most lame and impotent conclusion," cried the lady.
An old and stale scandal."
What a slander of the sex," echoed Gotham, looking more
sentimental than ever.
" I have given you but a true and common history," answered
the orator. It is within every man's experience ; but here's a
case that occurred in one of our own villages. The ladies there
admit the fact to be undeniable, though they assert� Credat
Judcus ! � that the world can show no other such marvellous
Here he again fingered the guitar with the ease of one who
had mastered all its pulses, and sung the following historical
ballad, which he called