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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 394 SOUTHWARD HO !
roast ? The fanatics of abolition are said to be few ; but why do they shape the laws, dictate the policy, control the whole action of society? ' Soft-head' gets no answer to all this ; and now naturally begins to suspect that all parties either think entirely with the offenders, or possess too little courage, honesty, or proper sympathy with the south, ever to be relied upon as allies. In fact, our ' soft-head' discovers that, whether guilty or otherwise, the party denounced as so weak and worthless, wields, in reality, the entire power, and represents wholly the principles and feelings of the north. The thing is not to be gainsayed. Your merchant, having large dealings with the ' soft-heads,' makes little of it ; your hotel-keeper, entertaining large squadrons of ' soft-heads,'" for a consideration,' every summer, gravely insists that it is nothing but the buzz of a bee in a tar-barrel ; your Yankee editor, crossing the line of Mason and Dixon� a northern man with southern principles ! who teaches the ' soft-head southron,' from ' hard-head northern schoolbooks'�he is potent in the asseveration that there is no sort of danger�that it is the cry of ' wolf,' only, made by the cunning boys, who wish to see the fun of the false chase ; and that, in his hands, as grand conservator of the peace, everything that's worth saving is in a place of eminent security. Your thorough slave of party, whig or democrat, who hopes for a secretaryship, or a vice-presidentship, or a foreign mission or who, with commendable modesty, resigns himself to a postmastership, or a tide-waitership �all these come in to the assistance of our ' soft-heads,' and take monstrous pains to reassure them and restore their equanimity ! Governed by self, rather than by nation or section, they cry ' peace' all when there is no peace ! When there can not be peace, so long as the south is in the minority, and so long as the spirit and temper of the north are so universally hostile to our most vital and most cherished institutions. Until you reconcile this inequality, and exorcise this evil spirit, that now rages rampant through the Northern States � allied with all sorts of fanatical passions and principles�Agrarianism, Communism, Fourierism, Wrightism, Millerism, Mormonism, etc., you may cry peace and union till you split your lungs, but you will neither make peace nor secure union.
" Well, our ' soft-head' begins to discover this. He has been