Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Southward Ho! A Spell of Sunshine >> Chapter XVIII / The Story of Blackbeard >> Page 458

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Page 458

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription ture ! And such as she is to pass between us? That shall never
be. Don't think that I am a thing of milk and water, without
strength or courage. No ! you shall see that I have blood, and
that I can take it too ! I'fn not afraid of your black looks and
thundering oaths. No ! indeed ! You are mine ; and while I am
yours, I shall see that no living woman shall pass between us.
You would fling me off, and quarrel with your best officer for this
rag of a woman, would you. But you shall not !'
With the words, quick as lightning, the unsexed creature
shot round the little table that stood between herself and the
seemingly insensible wife of the young Frenchman, her dirk
flourishing in her. grasp directly before the eyes of Blackbeard.
She had rounded the table, and occupied a place between him and
the threatened victim, before he could possibly conceive her pur-
pose, and heave up his huge bulk from where he lay, to inter-
pose for the prevention of the mischief. He roared out a terri-
ble threat and horrid oath, but the Amazon never heeded a
syllable, and the poor captive would have sunk beneath her
dagger-stroke, but for the fact that, while the dispute was in
progress between Blackbeard, his lieutenant, and the girl from
Pamplico, the captive lady was slowly coming to her senses, and
understood it all. She saw the movement of her wild assailant,
and darting up from where she lay, gave one piercing scream,
and rushed up the cabin steps to the deck, closely followed by
the Amazon and the pirate-chief. They reached the deck only
to behold the white flash of a glancing form as it shot over the
side of the vessel, and to hear a single plunge into the gulfing
billows of the sea. When they looked over the bulwarks, there
was nothing to be seen. The wife of the young merchant had
joined him in the deep.
It is just as well !' growled Blackbeard, turning away. ' It
prevents mischief ! Ha ! you young devil !' he continued, throw-
ing his arms about the neck of the she-demon who stood con-
fronting him, ' you are a girl after my own heart ; but if I served
you rightly, I should pitch you over after her. No more of this.
Do you hear ! Another such piece of meddling, and I shall
slash this pretty throat with a sharp dagger. Do you hear!'
She laughed impudently and returned his caresses, and the
deadly vessel went on her midnight course.