Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 470 SOUTHWARD HO
ment grows denser ; the white cottages standing out, distinctly, though rather crowded, in the pleasant starlight."
What line of shore is this upon the left ?" asked Duyckian of Miss Burroughs. Our Gothamite never left that young lady's side, and preferred evidently to get his information from a feminine source.
That is Morris island, upon which the lighthouse stands. It is also a pleasant and healthy retreat during summer, and beyond the sand-hills there is a little hamlet.
Morris is divided by a creek from James island. Let your eye move alongshore in this direction, and you see Fort Sum-ter, a new fortress, raised upon a mole in the sea. It confronts Fort Moultrie obliquely, and the fires of the two combined would serve to keep an approaching fleet in hot water for a while. We are now passing between the two, and have reached a point where the whole harbor opens upon the eye. To the left, you follow the water-line till it brings you to Ashley river, descending west of the city to the embraces with the deep. Look across now, due north, and you see another long sandy tract stretching away till lost in the distance. This is Iladdrill's, or Mount Pleasant village �a third retreat for the citizens in summer. Just before you, Castle Pinckney looms up, forming another for-tress for the protection of the harbor. It lies within half a mile of the city, the long line of lights of which you see stretching up Cooper river, which passes down from the north between Iladdrill's and the city."
The harbor is an ample one," said Duyckman.
Few more so, and few in this country more beautiful. The effect at this moment is very fine. The seas are as placid and subdued as the happy slumber of childhood. The breezes swell gently over these slight elevations of land along the south, and stoop down to the little waves, creasing them with rippling beauties, which the luminous brightness of the stars enables us to follow in long lines that are unbroken till they subside from sight in distance."
I should like to explore these islets and rivers, and visit all the places you have named. Can this be done safely in midsummer ?"
This season�yes ! Charleston is now very healthy. Were