Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Or, Recollections of our Neighborhood in the West. By ALtcn CAREY. Illustrated by PARLEY. One vol., 12mo., price $1.00. (Fourth edition.)
" In this volume there is a freshness which perpetually charms the reader. You seem t~ be made free of western homes at once."�Old Colony Memorial.
" They bear the true stamp of genius�simple, natural, truthful�and evince a keen sense of the humor and pathos, of the comedy and tragedy, of life in the country."-1 (I Whittier.
A Panorama of Romance. By CAROLINE CHESEBRO'. Illustrated
by PARLEY. One vol., 12mo., price $1.25. (Second edition.)

" These simple and beautiful stories are all highly endued with an exquisite perception of natural beauty, with which is combined an appreciative sense of its relation to the highest moral emotions."�Albany State Register.
" Gladly do we greet this floweret in the field of our literature, for it is fragrant with sweet and bright with hues that mark it to be of Heaven's own planting."--Courier and Enquirer.
" There is a depth of sentiment and feeling not ordinarily met with, and some of the noblest faculties and affections of man's nature arc depicted and illustrated by the skilful pen of the authoress."�Churchman.
By WILLIAM E. AYTOUN, Professor of Literature and Belles-Let tres in the University of Edinburgh and Editor of Blackwood's Magazine. One vol., 12mo. cloth, price $1.00.

" Since Lockhart and Macaulay's ballads, we have had no metrical work to be col� pared in spirit, vigor, and rhythm with this. These ballads imbcdy and embalm the chief historical incidents of Scottish history�literally in 'thoughts that breathe and words that burn.' They are full of lyric energy, graphic description, and genuine feel mg."�Home Journal.
" The fine ballad of ' Montrose' in this collection is alone worth the price of the book.' Sosto^t Transcript.

By BoN GAULTIER. One volume, 12mo., cloth, price 75 cents.
"'Here is a book for everybody who loves classic fun. It is made up of ballads of Il sorts. each a capital parody upon the style of some one of the best lyric writers of the time, from the thundering versification of Lockhart and Macaulay to the sweetest and simplest strains of Wordsworth and Tennyson. The author is one of the first scholars, and one of the most finished writers of the day, and this production is but the frolic of his genius in play-time."�Courier and Enquirer.
" We do not know to whom belongs this nom de plume, but he is certainly a humorist of no common power."--Providence Journal.