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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854

Life in the Mission, the Camp, and the Zenana. By Mrs. COLIN MACKENZIE. 2 vols., 12mo. Cloth. $2 00.
" It is enlivened with countless pleasant anecdotes, and altogether is one of the most entertaining and valuable works of the kind that we have met with for many a day." Boston Traveller.
' A more charming production has not issued from the press for years, than this jour. nal of Mrs. Mackenzie."�Arthur's Home Gazette.
" She also gives us a clearer insight into the manners, position, climate, and way of life in general, in that distant land, than we have been able to obtain from any other work."�Christian Herald.
" Her observations illustrative of the religious state of things, and of the progress of Missions in the East, will be found specially valuable. It is on the whole a fascinating work, and withal is fitted to do good."�Puritan Recorder.
" She was familiarly acquainted with some of the excellent laborers sent out by the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, of whom she speaks in the most favorable terms. The work is instructive and very readable."�Presbyterian.

Western Characters ; being Types of Border Life in the Western
States. By J. L. M'CONNEL. Author of "Talbot and Vernon,"
The Glenns,"&c., &c. With Six Illustrations by Darley.
12mo. Cloth. $125.
" Ten different classes are sketched in this admirable hook, and written by the hand If a master. The author is an expert limner, and makes his portraits striking."�Buf-''alo Express.
"Never has Darley's pencil been more effhctively used. The writer and sketcher rave made a unique and most attractive American book."�Boston Transcript.
" When we say that the book before us is calm in style as it is forcible in matter, we nave indicated a sufficiency of good qualities to secure the attention of the reader, who would extend his sympathies and secure himself a due degree of amusement, without �what is not uncommon in books with similar titles�a shock to his taste, or insult to his judgment. There is nothing equal to them in the book illustrations of the day. A special paragraph should be given to the illustrations by Darley."�Literary World

Chanticleer: A Story of the Peabody Family. By CORNELtus MATHEWS. With Illustrations by Darley, Walcutt, and Dallas. 12mo. 75 cents.
'ills success is already a fixed fact in our literature. 'Chanticleer' is one of those simple and interesting tales which, like the ' Vicar of Wakefield' and Zchokke's ' Poor Pastor,' win their way to the reader's heart and dwell there. It is full of sunshine: a hearty and a genial book."�New York Daily Times.
Chanticleer' is scarcely inferior In a literary point of view to any of the Christmas stories of Charles Dickens, and is more interesting to Americans because of its allusions to the peculiar customs of this country."�N. Y. Com. Advertiser.
"'Chanticleer' has won the public heart, both by the felicity of its subject, and the. grace, wit, and goodness, displayed in its execution."�Southern Literary Gazette.
"It possesses literary merit of the highest order, and will live in the afflictions of rill readers of good taste and good morals, not only while Thanksgiving dinners are remi in tiered, but while genius is appro.iated."�Morning News, Savannah.