Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854

As Represented in the Exhibition at the Crystal Palace, New York. Showing the Progress and State of the Various Useful and Esthetic Pursuits. From- the New York Tribune. Revised and Edited by HORACE GREELEY. 12mo., Cloth. Fine Paper, $1 00. Paper Covers, 50 Cents.
" The articles comprised in this work are thirty-six in number, on various subjects ; they are elaborately and vigorously written, and contain much desirable information."� Savannah Republican.
It will be read extensively and with interest by all who are engaged in any depart ment of the useful or graceful arts."�Lowell Journal and Courier.
Everybody interested in the state of American art or industry should have a copy." Register, Phila.
" Evidently written with a great deal of care, and presents in a small compass a very large amount of information, in relation to the latest improvements in science and art."�Arthur's Home Gazette.
"In each department of industry there is a rapid view of the history of the art or arts involved in its production, so that the work is much more than a mere descriptive account of the contents of the Crystal Palace. It deserves to be studied for the information it contains, and to be preserved as a book of reference."�Puritan Recorder, Boston.
" Especially to the mechanic and the manufacturer, this book will prove highly as ceptable."�Christian Secretary, Hartford.

By HENRY T. TUCKERMAN. Author of " Sicily, a Pilgrimage," The Optimist."&c. ] 2rno., Cloth. 75 Cents.

" Commend us to this, for the pleasantest book on England we ever read, always excepting Macaulay's history."�Springfield Evening Post.
"His sketches are complete pictures of the his4ry and life of English literature ; con densed yet full, chaste yet glowing with beauty."�N. Y. Independent.
"This is really a delightful book. The author is well known as an original and vigorous writer and keen observer."�Christian Freeman.
" A lively, racy volume of travels, in which the author gives us his impressions of the castles, books, artists, authors, and other et cetera which came in his way."�Zion's Herald.
" Mr. Tuckerman is one of the purest and most elegant writers that adorn American literature."�Knickerbocker, Albany.

A. Romance of the New World. By FRANK COOPER. l2mo., Cloth. $1 25.
" The scenes are laid in Spain and the New World, and the skill with which the pomp and circumstance of chivalry are presented. make Vasconselos one of the most inter� esting works of American fiction."�N. Y. Evening Post.
" It is well written, full of spirit, interesting historical facts, beautiful local descrip� tions, and well-sustained characters. Cuban associations abound in it, and there is a fiue southern glow over the whole."�Boston Transcript.
" It is freely written, full of sparkle and freshness, and must interest any one whose appreciation is at all vigorous." Buffalo Express.
"The story is an interesting one, while the style is most refreshingly good for these days of easy writing."�Arthur's Home Gazette.
This is an American romance, and to such as are fond of this order of literature, it will be found intensely interesting."�Hartford Christian Secretary.