Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854

Or, Life on a Farm. By DAY KELLOGG LEE. One vol., 12mo; price $1.00.
" We have read it with lively and satisfied interest. The scenes are natural, the char. acters homely and life-like. and the narrative replete with passages of the profoundest pathos, and incidents of almost painful interest. Above all, ' Summerfield' is in the deepest sense religious, and calculated to exert a strong and wholesome moral influence on its readers, who we trust will be many."�Horace Greeley.
" It aims to teach the lesson of contentment, and the rural picture which it draws, and the scenes of home happiness with which it makes us acquainted, are well calculated to enforce it."�Atlas.
There is a great deal of life and nature in the story, and in some of the scenes there is a rich display of wit."�Albany Argus.
"It has a flavor of originality, and the descriptions are generally excellent; and, what is something of a peculiarity at present in writing of this kind, not overburdened with words."�Literary World.

Or, Life at a Trade. By DAY KELLOGG LEE. One vol., 12mo; price $1.00.
"He is a powerful and graphic writer, and from what we have seen in the pages of the ` Master Builder,' it is a romance of excellent aim and success."�State Register.
" The ' Master Builder' is the master production. It is romance into which is instilled the realities of life; and incentives are put forth to noble exertion and virtue. The story is pleasing--almost fascinating ; the moral is pure and undefiled."�Daily Times.
" Its descriptions are, many of them, strikingly beautiful ; commingling in good pro-portions, the witty, the grotesque, the pathetic, and the heroic. It may be read with profit as well as pleasure."�Argus.
" The work before us will commend itself to the masses, depicting as it does most graphically the struggles and privations which await the unknown and uncared-fot Mechanic in his journey through life. It is what might be called a romance, but not of love, jealousy, and revenge order."�Lockport Courier.
"The whole scheme of the story is well worked up and very instructive."�Albany Express.

Or, Life at the Loom. By DAY KELLOGG LEE. One vol., 12mo ; price $1.00.
" A new volume of the series of popular stories which have already gained a well-deserved reputation for the author. As a picture of an important and unique phase of New England life, the work is very interesting, and can scarcely fail of popularity among the million."�Harper's Magazine.
" The work is extremely well written. It is as interesting as a novel, while it is natural as every-day life."�Boston Traveller.
Merrimac is a story which, by its simple pathos, and truthfulness to nature, will touch the heart of every reader. It is free from the least tinge of that odious stilted style of thought and diction characteristic of the majority of the novels with which the reading public are deluged."�N. Y. Commercial Advertiser.
"Another plain, straightforward, absorbing work from a pen which before has added riches to our literature, and honor to him who wielded it."�Bu(J'alo Express. " It is written in a genial spirit and abounds in humor."�N. Y. Courier and Enquirer.