Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Poetry | Burges and James | 1843
Transcription PREFACE.
THE poem, of which the four first cantos are here submitted to the reader, was chiefly the work of the writer's youth. This fact, however, scarcely suggests any sufficient reason why it should be given to the public in his maturer years. But his object is explanation rather than apology. The poem was begun, but not finished,�indeed. it still remains unfinished,�at a time when the too famous production of Lord Byron, DoN JUAN, then of recent publication, was a subject of constant remark and criticism, particularly in connection with the premature and lamented fate of the unhappy writer. His mind was naturally drawn to the subject. The perusal of a favorite poet, as naturally excites in every youthful rhymester, a desire to echo the strain which he hears, and emulate the sweet notes which have fastened themselves upon his senses. He fancied, with a boyish