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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription S ADVERTISEMENT.
man for its object, is " Has the novelist made. vice attractive,
commendable, successful, in his story ? Is virtue sacrificed
are the humanities of life and society endangered, by the em-
ployment of such agents ns the low and vulgar? Is there anything in t11e progress of the ,vicious to make us sympathize with. them to make its seek for them ? These are the proper
questions,.and they are such as the " Partisan" must answer
for itself. Some of our critics and 'novelists, wanting though
they may be in most standards of discrimination, have, never-
theless, sympathies and tastes in common; and, perhaps, if,
instead of naked vulgarity and barefaced crime, I had robed
my villains in broadcloth, adorned their fingers with costly
gems, provided them liberally with eau-de-Cologne, and made
them sentimental, I should have escaped all objections of this
nature. It is too much the fashion to conceal the impurities
which we should seek to cleanse, as some people employ the
chloride of lime to sprinkle the nuisance which propriety would
instantly remove.
W. G. S.
.LE ROY PLACE, NEW YORK, September 1, 1836.