Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 16

Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 16 MELLICHAMPE.
To be surewhere else ?" was the gruff reply of the sol-
dier having charge of the proceeding.
Adrat it she won't go there," replied Blonay.
"And how the,d�1 can she help herself? She's as dead,
poor old creature, as a door-nail, and she's been hammered
much harder. See�her head's all mashed to a mummy."
He raised the lifeless mass, and allowed it to fall heavily in
the cart, as if to convince the bearer, however unnecessarily,
that she no longer possessed a will in the transaction. Blonay
did not seem to heed the soldier, but explained his own mean-
ing in the following words :--
There's a place nearer home the old woman wants to be
buried in. She a'n't guine to sleep quiet in the churchyard,
with all them people round her. If you wants to help me, now,
you must give me a cart on purpose, and then I'll show you
where to dig for her. She marked it out herself long time
His wish was at once complied with, as the orders of Major
Proctor had been peremptory. An additional cart was pro-
cured, into which the mangled remains were transferred by the
soldiers. In doing this, Blonay lent no manner of assistance.
On the contrary, his thoughts and person were entirely given
to another office which seemed to call for much more than his
customary consideration. Bending carefully, in all directions,
over the scene of strife, even as a hungry hound gathering up
from the tainted earth the scent of his selected victim, he
noted all the appearance of the field of combat, and with the
earnest search of one looking for the ruined form of a lost but
still remembered and loved affection, he turned over the un-
conscious carcasses of those who had fallen, and narrowly ex-
ftmined every several countenance.
He a'n't here," he muttered to himself; and an air of satis-
faction seemed to overspread his face. I thought so �I seed
him go to the cart, and he warn't hurt then. I'll thaw the
bullet for him yet."
Thus saying, his search seemed to take another direction,
and he now proceeded to inspect the ground on which the bat-
tle had taken place. In particular, he traced out upon the