Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
the big city, clear down to the salt seas. There's a power of
people there now, a'n't there ?"
I a'n't from Charleston," coldly replied the half-breed.
" Oh, you a'n't ! but, do tell you hear'd about a man that
was hung at Dorchester reckon you seed it ?"
He worn't hung ; he got off."
What ! they pardoned him and so many people as was
guine to see him dance upon nothing? What a disappoint-
ment ! I was a-guine down myself, but, you see, I lost my
critter, and so I couldn't ; and now I'm glad I didn't, if so be,
as you say, he worn't hung."
No, he worn't hung : there was a fight, and he got away.
But this is only what they. tell me ; I don't know myself."
Who tell'd you ?"
The people.""What, them that seed it? Perhaps them that did it
eh ?"
This was pushing the matter quite too far, and Blonay be-
gan to be uneasy under so leading a question. He replied
quickly, after the evasive manner which was adopted between
" No ! I don't know ; they told me they heard it, and I
didn't ax much about it, for it worn't my business, you see."
Oh ! that's right everybody to his own business, says I ;
and, where people's a-fighting, clean hands and long distance
is always best for a poor maid and a stranger. They gits
a-fighting every now and then in these here parts, and they
do say they're a-mustering now above, the sodgers."
What soldiers ?" demanded Blonay, with an air of interest.
"Eh ! what sodgers? Them that carries guns and swords,
and shoots people, to be sure : them's sodgers, a'n't they ?"
Yes ; but have they got on uniforms, or is it only them that
carries a rifle, or a knife, or perhaps a rusty sword, or a hatchet ?
Some soldiers, you know, has fine boots and shoes, with shi-
ning buttons, and high caps and feathers ; and some ha'r't got
shoes, and hardly breeches."
Blonay lead become the examiner, and had begun with a
leading question also. He had fairly described the British