Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription THE TORY SQUAD. 49
"And why should you mind it, Barsfield?" responded his
companion. It can do you no mischief�the term is perfectly
innocuous. It breaks no skin it takes away no fortune."
No ! but it sticks to a man like a tick, and worries him all
his life," said the other.
" Only with your thin-skinned gentry. For such an estate
as yours, Barsfield, they might be licensed to call me by any
nickname which they please."" I am not so indulgent, Lieutenant Clayton," replied the
other; and, let me tell you that you don't know the power
of a nickname among enemies. A nickname is an argument,
and one of that sort too, that, after once hearing it, the vulgar
are sure never to listen to any other. It has been of no small
influence already in this same war and it will be of greater
effect toward the conclusion, if it should ever so happen that
the war-should terminate unfavorably to the arms of his maj-
esty.""But you don't think any such result possible ?" was the
immediate reply of Clayton.
No �not now. This last licking of Sumter, and the
wholesale defeat of Gates, have pretty well done up the rebels
in this quarter. Georgia has been long shut up, and North
Carolina will only wake up to find her legs fastened. As for
Virginia, if Cornwallis goes on at the present rate, he'll strad-
dle her quite in two weeks more. No ! I think that rebellion
is pretty nigh wound up ; and, if we can catch the ` swamp fox,'
or find out where he hides, I'll contrive that we shall have no
more difficulty from him."
Let that once take place," replied his companion, and
you may then retire comfortably, in the enjoyment of the
otium cum dignitate, the reward of hard fighting and good
generalship, to the shady retreats of ' Kaddipali.' By-the-
way, Barsfield, you must change that name to something mod-
ern�something English. I hate these abominable Indian
names they are so uncouth, and so utterly harsh and foreign
in an English ear. We must look up a good name for your
settlement.""You mistake. I would not change the name for the