Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Novel (Romance) | Redfield | 1854
Transcription 50 MELLICHAMI'E.
world. I have always known the place by that name, long before I ever thought to call it mine ; and the name sounds sweet in my ears. Besides I like these Indian names, of which you so much complain. They sound well, and are always musical."
They are always harsh to me, and then they have no meaning none that we -know anything about."" And those we employ have as little. They are generally borrowed from individuals who were their proprietors, and this is the case with our Indian names, which have the advantage in softness and emphasis. No ! 'Kaddipah Thicket' shall not lose its old name in gaining a new owner. It wouldn't look to me half so beautiful if I were to give it any other. I have rambled over its woods when a boy, and limited through them when a man, man and boy, for thirty years known all its people, and the name seems to me a history, and brings to me a whole world of recollections, which I should be apt to lose were I to change it."" Some of them, Barsfield, it appears to me that you should prefer to lose. The insult of old Mellichampe, for example."
I revenged it !" was the reply, quickly and gloomily uttered. I revenged it in his blood, and the debt is paid."" But the son ? did you not, only now, complain of him also ? did he not call you "
Tory ! I'll finish the sentence for you, as I would rather, if the word is to be repeated in my ears, have the utterance to myself. You are an Englishman, and the name does not, and can not be made to apply to you here, and you can not understand, therefore, the force of its application from one American to another ! lIe called me a tory ! denounced, defied, and struck at me, and I would have slain him ay, even in the halls which are henceforward to call me master but that I was held back by others, whose prudence, perhaps, saved the lives of both of us ; for the strife would have been pell-mell, and that fellow Witherspoon, who was the overseer of old Mellichampe, had a drawn knife ready over my shoulder, at the moment that mine was lifted at the breast of the insolent
youngster. But this is a long story, and you already know it.